Date de parution
décembre 2018
Programme opérationnel
Autorité de Gestion Région Nord-Pas de Calais (France)
Operational Programme NWE 2007-2013
Langue: Anglais
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Regions in Europe are becoming increasingly interdependent as a consequence of
globalisation, liberalisation and new emerging forms of governance. The effects of
the technological revolution, the need to position the EU as an economically
competitive counterbalance to the USA and Asia, EU enlargement and progress
towards completion of the Single European Market present considerable challenges
for territorial cohesion in an integrated Europe. The increasing interdependence of
regions is demonstrated by numerous connections, such as freight and passenger
transportation. For example, the port of Rotterdam serves an area stretching far
beyond the Alps, and investments in high-speed train connections are currently
altering the geography of North West Europe (NWE) due to considerably reduced
travel times.
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