Date de parution
January 2007
Programme opérationnel
Programme opérationnel 2007-2013
Langue: Anglais
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INTERACT II 2007-2013 is part of the Structural Funds objective “European Territorial Cooperation” acc. to Article 6 pt. 3 of Regulation 1080/06.

INTERACT is about good governance, with specific regard to the complexity of European Territorial Cooperation programmes.

INTERACT II capitalises on the vast pools of expertise in the fields of regional development, cross-border cooperation, transnational cooperation, interregional cooperation and network programmes developed through INTERREG in the EU Member States.

The ultimate purpose of INTERACT II is to provide support to the stakeholders to implement European Territorial Cooperation programmes more effectively and efficiently since good governance is identified as the key-challenge for European Territorial Cooperation.

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