Multimodal Electrified Infrastructure Planning - MERLIN

The ever growing congestion levels in Luxembourg are causing significant economic losses, as well as in terms of livability, environment and health. The MERLIN (Multimodal Electrified infRastructure pLannINg) project fits well in this context as it aims at developing a platform to investigate the impact of different mobility solutions for the country. More specifically, our goal is to provide a decision support tool for the government and for the info-mobility operator.

This will enable to put into practice alternative forms of mobility, with a specific focus on emerging technologies in sustainable transportation. The MERLIN project will moreover provide a flexible modelling platform, which, in the future, could also be extended towards novel Mobility-as-a-Service systems, which are currently under investigation by researchers and policy makers worldwide.


To achieve this, a multimodal dynamic transport model will be developed. Two levels of detail are going to be considered within the project: on one hand, detailed short-term prediction capabilities will enable to assess the impact of specific policies and infrastructural interventions at any level of aggregation (local, provincial, regional, national).

On the other hand, simulations supported by widely adopted and validated modelling software (such as VISUM, MatSIM, or SUMO) will form the backbone of a long-term planning component, which will enable to forecast the impact of major interventions on a larger time horizon.

Finally, in line with the sustainable development of the country, the project will be able to find a useful purpose in pollution control, being able to assess the impact of different fleet compositions, taking into account conventional internal combustion as well as electric vehicles, both for public and private vehicles.

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