Building up cutting-edge expertise in ultra-fast laser spectroscopy in Luxembourg

The Physics and Materials Science Research Unit (RU PhyMS) of the University of Luxembourg aims to develop new research activity in ultra-fast laser spectroscopy. Researchers investigate the properties of new promising materials such as nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc.) semiconductors for efficient solar cells, magnetic and multiferroic materials, polymers, bio-molecules, and composite materials. Ultra-fast laser spectroscopy is a novel method for materials characterization.

The method of ultra-short spectroscopy allows viewing the basic building blocks of novel materials with unprecedented accuracy. This extraordinary insight will enable researchers to decipher the microscopic mechanism of light-absorption, transport of heat and electricity, reaction of materials to adsorption in chemical sensors, etc.


The objective of this proposal is to install an internationally leading research group in ultra-fast spectroscopy at the University of Luxembourg. The group will further refine the methodology in order to acquire unprecedented and globally renowned expertise in this domain.

It will perform blue-sky research in spectroscopy of novel and fascinating materials, and will build up collaborations with existing research groups at Luxembourg’s public research centers (in particular LIST) as well as industrial actors.

  • Mis à jour le 12-03-2019