Computational and Data Engineering Hub - CDE-Hub

The project CDE-Hub will identify, qualify and quantify the needs and means to empower researchers, developers and scientists to:

(1) gather future-proof scientific knowledge of the principles and the potential of different classes of datadriven and computational engineering approaches;

(2) leverage the above knowledge through training in cutting-edge computational toolchains and HPC scaling cross-application frameworks; and

(3) strengthen their competencies by taking advantage of a Computational and Data Engineering Hub that acts as catalyser for improving the continuous availability of:

(a) an innovative work force, specifically-trained for the multilinguistic Luxembourgish market;

(b) high-level cooperative PPP projects between industry and public research institutions;

(c) dedicated, internationally attractive and competitive educational programs and research priorities at Luxembourg’s academic institutions; and

(d) bi-directional exchange and crossfertilisation between excellence available in the private sector, the national research centres and at the university.

The Computational and Data Engineering Hub will be a springboard and provide Luxembourg with a sustainable competitive advantage by contributing to the training of the next generation researchers and industrialists in Computational and Data Science.

Such a need was repeatedly raised by Industry in Luxembourg  and will help streamlining the innovation process through applied industrial mathematics and placing Luxembourg and thus Europe on the strategic map, thus contributing to the Open-Science, Open-Data, Open-to-the-World paradigm.

  • Mis à jour le 14-03-2019